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Telephone: 404-851-1766 Toll Free: 866-851-5030

About Bannar

About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Physician Led

As a physician led laboratory, our focus is on providing our clinicians and their patients with the highest quality dermatopathology service attainable through careful clinicopathologic correlation. We are local, independent, and committed to what we do best as physicians– taking care of patients.


Diagnostic Excellence

Providing our clinicians and their patients with the most accurate clinicopathologic diagnoses is our primary mission. We are committed to treating each specimen with utmost care and attention so that the best clinicopathologic interpretation may be rendered. Routinely sharing challenging cases among our dermatopathologists allows us to improve our diagnostic excellence.


Impeccable, Cost Effective Service

We understand the needs of your clinical practice, especially in regards to rapid turnaround of dermatopathology results. Our courier system, laboratory processing, and physician involvement are geared to provide our clinicians with superb, personalized service in a cost effective manner.


Community Involvement

We are actively involved in the dermatology community in metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia through our participation and leadership in the Atlanta Dermatological Association and the Georgia Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.

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